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Edison Chopsticks Crong


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Edison Chopsticks™are patented educational products that enable children aged 3 and older to immediately learn the principles of using chopsticks develop finger motion concentration focus and intellect.These kids training chopsticks are designed for preschool beginners around the ages of3 – 5 years. The recommended age on these chopsticks is listed at 3 due to the small parts such as the finger rings. However 2 year olds have been known to succesfully use these training chopsticks under close supervision.- Easy to learn- Fun to use- Improves fine motor skills- Trains the user in the proper finger positions to hold and use chopsticks correctly* Stimulate brain developmentElaborate movement and control help kids develop and stimulate their brain activities. Compared to the aggressive nature of the fork poking motion chopsticks are delicate and peaceful. Using chopsticks exercises 30 joints and 50 muscles of the body and the precision for picking up small objects will improve concentration.* Easy to learn and fun to use“As a boy so the man”. Incorrect chopstick use is a hard habit to correct. Edison chopsticks will put your child on the right path to understanding the correct chopstick posture and principles. Your kids will love the cute &amp colourful characters and ergonomic design.* Develop good handwriting habitsThe posture and angles for using chopsticks is very similar to the pen holding and writing grip. Start your kids early with good form &amp technique.* Improved self confidence &amp balanced dietChildren will develop self confidence when they can confidently use chopsticks just like their parents. Compliments and encouragement will work wonders for children’s self esteem. Kids have been known to want to eat vegetables with Edison Chopsticks™!The kids training chopsticks have a thumb ring and two other rings to guide the index and middle fingers into the correct positions. The tips of the chopsticks are flat and embossed to assist in picking up food.- Ergonomic &amp scientific angle of rings (thumb: 12° index finger: 15° middle finger: 19° ±2%)- Connector allows movement but stays in one piece- Rounded ends soft finger hole grips- Ergonomically designed for little fingers right handed model- Made from high quality harmless ABS material non-toxic BPA free material (Heat-resistant to 80°C Cold-resistant to -20°C)Material: Chopstick &amp Connector-100% ABS

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